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The TUXIS Youth Parliament of Alberta is the longest running youth parliament in Canada. We have a passion for debate, politics, and most importantly: Bettering our communities.

About Us

At its core, TUXIS establishes itself on the values of public speaking, youth-led engagement, and community development. Our members' regular involvement in various TUXIS events and opportunities, including sports events like football matches and poker tournaments, is what has made us so successful for over 100 years. These activities promote teamwork, strategy, and a competitive spirit among our members. We pride ourselves in the abilities of our members to take on challenges: be it a vigorous football match, an intellectual poker game (more on topic), or a demanding parliamentary debate, and in doing so, create a vibrant community of youth leadership through TUXIS. 

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Our Parliament

Our Leaders

For the youth, by the youth.

As an organization for youth, led by youth, our young leaders are what makes TUXIS the incredible organization it is today. Our member is empowered to take on leadership roles within TUXIS, sustaining the parliament year after year.

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Our Events


Our Events

With our flagship event being our five-day winter session held in the legislature, TUXIS also hosts a number of other events during the year. In February is the first retreat for the leaders of TUXIS, with Front Bench Conference to begin the planning for the year. Spring brings around TUXIS' May-Mini event, a smaller version of the December Session where delegates engage in parliamentary debate for a three day period.

TUXIS also holds a summer event, focused away from the parliamentary debate itself, along with a number of fun social events in both the Edmonton and Calgary regions throughout the year.

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