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(as of January 2021)


The Alumni Society AGM will be conducted virtually on the afternoon of March 21st, 2021. More details, including an agenda, exact timing, and a link for the meeting, will be provided at a later date. Please contact if you have any inquiries.


A committee has been formed to update the parliamentary history book. The updated book will include Sessions 76-101 in order to encompass TUXIS' first one hundred years of existence. If you wish to contribute to this committee, please contact [email protected].


If you want to receive the complete TUXIS Alumni newsletter, please complete this form.


There are many events throughout the year that happen for Alumni. The annual Alumni AGM and Retreat is held every year, as well as the Alumni Banquet that occurs at the Annual Session.


The Alumni Society sends newsletters to Alumni members with updates and information, and you can consider joining our Facebook group for more information as well. If you are interested in any of the events, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you the details. 

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The Doug Beechy Award

The Doug Beechey Award was established in 1979, the year of the 60th Session of the Tuxis Parliament of Alberta, as an award to honour Alumni of the tuxis parliament for their service to the community. 


The award was named for Doug Beechey, a former premier of the Parliament (49th Session) and Chairman of the Alumni Society (1972 - 1975).  Doug had died earlier that year, and the Alumni Society wanted to honour his memory. 


The Award is given to those Alumni who, throughout their lives, have fulfilled the TUXIS motto:  "Willingly And Cheerfully Doing More Than That Which It Is Our Duty To Do."

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