Our    Leaders

Front Four

The Parliament elects these four leader at the end of each Session and they are usually the most experienced members of TUXIS. They are responsible for everything that happens throughout the year in TUXIS. They appoint the Front Bench, and provide guidance and support for all of the departments throughout the year.


The Front Four help plan, organize, supervise, and participate in all of the events that TUXIS holds throughout the year.

Yuvraj Singh
Cassey Fallis
Simran's Profile Pic.jpg
Simran Ghotra
Sarah Clark

Front Bench

The Front Bench consists of the Cabinet (Ministers) and Shadow Cabinet (Deputies).  They are a team of dedicated Parliamentarians who have volunteered their time to help organize and lead TUXIS.  They are appointed by the Front Four at Session every year, and usually serve one-year terms.  

Alexis Holmgren
Sarah Clark
Joel Westman
Katie Choy
Caroline Mancenido

Back Bench

The Back Bench is made up of all members of the Parliament who are not Ministers, Deputy Ministers, or Elected Leaders, All new members in TUXIS begin as back bench members. This is because during sittings of the annual Session, they sit in the rows of seats behind the "Front Bench". They are quite literally in the "Back Bench".

In our Parliament, the back bench members can choose the amount of commitment that they wish to make to the Parliament. Members of the back bench have the most freedom and flexibility to choose where they fit in the Parliament hierarchy. 

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