Frequently asked questions

What are the different ways I can attend session?

We are offering three different participation options this year, in order to ensure that our session is safe and accessible for all Albertan youth.

1. Our "full attendance" option includes in-person debate in the legislature, evening programming, hotel accommodations and all meals from the evening of December 26th to the morning of December 31st.
2. The "days only" option includes in-person debate in the legislature, lunches in-person from the 27th to the 31st, and online evening programming. Commuting to and from the legislature each morning/evening is the responsibility of the participant.

3. Our "online only" option allows members to debate in the legislature virtually from the comfort of their own homes, and includes the online evening programming.

What are my options if I cannot attend in person?

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend the session in person, and we believe that this should not be a barrier for youth. For the first time in our history, members will be able to attend our debates virtually; our evening programming will be virtual as well.

What tips do you have to make the experience easier?

Don't stress out; Tuxis is all about learning! Before Session starts, read the resolutions in your handbook, do some research on the topics, and think about where you stand on the issues. And remember: Everyone was new at one point, and we want you to succeed. Talk with other members, make some friends, and have fun!

How will TUXIS handle physical distancing restrictions during the event?

Members will be spaced a minimum of six feet from each other when in the Legislature and the hotel. The use of face masks will also be mandatory.

Are masks mandatory?

Yes, masks will be mandatory when in the Legislature and the hotel. If you cannot wear a mask, we ask that you participate online.

What is the procedure if a member is showing symptoms of covid?

If a member shows symptoms of Covid, they will be asked to return home. The parliament will help them to arrange transportation, and they will be shifted into the online platform.

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